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vegan utubers

Ahhh! I am finding it increasingly difficult to get away from screens in my free time... the vegan side of youtube is ever fascinating and continues to provide me a space to explore and navigate my own opinions and experiences. There are quite a few channels that drive me nuts but for now I will focus on the two I like the most at the moment! Here we go:

Ed is incredible. He is a vegan activist based in the UK and his channel has been extremely helpful and influential on my own veganism. He confronts society's cultural norms and status quo about eating meat by taking the conversation to the streets. He directly confronts the ideals behind eating meat to those who support it and does it in a way that enchants anyone who watches. He is never judgmental or angry, he just simply wants to help educate people on the topic of veganism. He aims to make them reflect on their own morals and most importantly make them understand how they are contributing to animal cruelty and the current environmental crisis by continuing to eat meat. Ed gracefully answers questions and

confronts assumptions from his opponents with a rational mindset and factual information -- and then presents questions that force them to find the hypocrisy within their own thought processes. I personally love how calm and collected Ed remains despite the aggression he is normally faced with.

Ed's conviction is inspiring, refreshing and absolutely contagious. His compassion shines through and through with every debate he partakes in. I think vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike can all learn quite a bit from him. Seriously, go look through his channel and watch some of his debates-- they have helped me tremendously with developing my own voice in conversations. (Although plz don't just use someone elses words, be sure you research and find your voice through facts and use his mentality as inspiration)!!


Mexie is also incredibly well spoken and deeply passionate + educated on pretty much every topic she discusses. (Thank you 2 my friend Hannah for introducing me to her channel <3 ) Mexie studied political economy, geography and environmental sustainability throughout her education which makes all of her discussions entirely interdisciplinary. I personally really love this because she gives each issue a rounded perspective.

She frequently discusses the relationship between capitalism and environmental degradation which I find extremely important to discuss when talking about any kind of environmentalism. Her videos are highly informative and she teaches/discusses with an introductory voice which I also really appreciate. You should browse her page!

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