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a beginners guide 2 veganism

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

hiiii hellloooo hey!

I've been neglecting this little blog of mine, which makes me sad but here I am, better late than never! So I have a good friend who is giving a plant based diet (mostly vegan) another go and instead of trying to send her 400 messages with tips, I decided to make a general outline to help her and anyone else who wants to incorporate a plant based diet into their life!

My first piece of advise would be to create room. Create room for mistakes, create emotional room for forgiveness and understanding and patience, and create physical room in your pantry for veggies. Veganism is a never-ending journey, we all are constantly growing here.

Going plant based/vegan is EPIC. And I'm here to support you, however, you have to be your biggest supporter. You have to enter this life changing adventure with the right mentality and be prepared for the ups and downs of it all. Be patient and kind with yourself. Love yourself through this process. You're doing something amazing!


My second piece of advise would be to research. Research the shit out of everything vegan. For what reasons are you going plant based/vegan? Do you have other dietary restrictions? Research this shit. Ask yourself questions. Set aside an afternoon where you have free time to just simply gain knowledge on your vegansim/plant based adventure. I have linked lots of beautiful stuff below to help you out in this. But please, do your own research! Look up academic research, which I have also done and you can find linked below in my other blog post. The smarter you are and the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to sustain your new diet/lifestyle. Knowledge is incredibly powerful and will aid you when you feel confused or down or unsure. This will help you be prepared for everything. Research the kinds of meals you want to make. Write the recipes down.

Which leads to my third piece of advise: maintain motivation. Follow a bunch of plant based influencers on Instagram. I've linked some below for you. Change the picture on the back of your phone to a photograph of beautiful veggies. Go to your local library and get a plant based recipe book. Watch one plant based youtube video a day. Get a journal, write down your experiences and your aspirations. Remain inspired my friend! It will do you wonders, especially if you are doing this alone.

My fourth piece of advise which ties very much to my second piece of advise: BE PREPARED. Go to the grocery store with an exact list of the food you intend to buy for specific meals. If you are prepared, you are much less likely to fall short and order a non-vegan pizza. BE PREPARED for your shortcomings -- buy dark chocolate (most are vegan but double check!) if you know you tend to get a sweet tooth. Look up recipes for flavors you tend to crave when you have late night cravings.

My fifth piece of advise: after you're feeling inspired and hungry and before you go to the grocery store, be even MORE prepared and GET ORGANIZED, BITCH. Write all this shit down. Get a planner or what have you and meal plan. You liked that recipe in the vegan youtube video?? Make it. Write down the ingredients and what day you want to make it. Remaining organized will also help you avoid shortcomings. Write down what alterations you need to make to the recipe if it's above your weekly budget. Also -- write down your finances. Get financially organized so you can track where you're spending your money and where you can wiggle in some room at the grocer. Which brings me to my next piece of advise: create room in your wallet for veganism.

Understand from the very get go that this is an entirely new experience for you. In the beginning, you may not know where to get your protein or calcium and therefore might purchase some really silly and unnecessarily expensive green washed item at the grocery store that claims to give you something it probably doesn't. I know that I saved A LOT of money going vegan, however I knew exactly what to cook, which helped immensely. I note this lower down on the list because if you actually do the first 5 steps, you will be prepared and shouldn't have to spend more money on your veggie life than you once did on meat. But it's also inevitable that mistakes will be made and your local grocer might also be shit. So it will take you time to really figure out what proteins/nutrients will work best on your budget and location.

And my seventh piece of advise: SHOP ONLINE for items you cant find at your grocer. I've linked below some of the platforms that are used for this, but they vary greatly and depend on where you live. TVP (textured vegetable protein) and soya wadi are lovely meat replacements and both are very cheap but you might have to purchase it online if your grocer doesn't supply it. It all comes down to resources and where you live.

My eighth piece of advise: SUPPLEMENT. Buy a damn supplement. Just do it. In the beginning you're not going to be sure where to get all of your nutrients, as I've said, so it's important that your body still gets all the b12 and calcium and everything else it needs. Do it.

Andddddd finally for my last piece of advise: have fun! Experiment! Get creative. Explore types of cuisines you would otherwise normally shy away from. Challenge yourself through the kitchen and do it all! Try baking if you never have. If you fuck up a meal, who cares, turn it into something else.

Also I just want to say that I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to about your experiences with going plant based or vegan. I'm not here to judge you if you aren't necessarily vegan. I support plant-based diets of all kinds because they are all a step in the right direction. I know that this change in life can be really difficult for those who do it alone, so know that YOU ARE SUPPORTED. I love you! I am happy to help and lend a hand with any of my knowledge, experiences and resources!

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Madeline's beginners guide to vegainsim!! Lovely tips here!

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Ahhh Gaz's channel is soooo0o0o0o good. He's an incredible chef. Definitely recommend browsing his channel for food inspiration.

I really love her videos! Good intro for sustainable shopping as well. This is an ingrained practice for me, but if it's new to you, don't get too caught up in it. Focus on your veganism and then focus on reducing your waste. Although you can probably and absolutely do both.

Madeline again with some easy breezy meals for new/lazy vegan folk :)







(Gaz's instagram page, I linked his youtube above)







(I love Immy, she's super supportive and really cool, also incredibly passionate about low-waste)


(she makes epic vegan artwork)







THRIVE "Thrive Market is an American e-commerce membership-based retailer offering natural and organic food products at reduced costs." I haven't been able to use Thrive myself because it's only accessible in the states, however I've heard lots of lovely things about it! Give it a go!







**** Please do some of your own research, this is only a guide! :)****


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