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A beginners guide to sustainable living, dump of links + sources

This post is the first of many resource dumps! The more I learn about sustainability the more I learn how it involves every aspect of living, so you will find information about quite a few different subjects below. I plan to write critiques and reviews in the future about individual pieces, so acknowledge that this is just a place for listing and spreading information. Enjoooooooyyyyyy!! ** Also important 2note that is only some of the information I've found so far, this list will grow with time and eventually be put into separate categories in different blog posts ** Thank u!!

Fast Fashion

  • Blogger Kristen Leo

Kristen Leo's channel focuses primarily on fashion but she also explores her experience with veganism and sustainability. This is where I kind of began my exploration. Her videos are extremely easy to understand -- I believe she makes them with a beginners mindset. I find her tone of voice inspirational because she's unafraid to show the sense of urgency we should all display around these issues. Check her out 4sure.

What is fast fashion?? Kristen Leo explains it, and quickly!

Kristen Leo takes a good in-depth look at the human behind fast fashions biggest brand.

Kristen Leo explores the solution -- ethical fashion and the general values that lie beneath it-- good entry to the concept of sustainable living since the concepts she discusses here can be applied to any part of a person's life.

  • The True Cost - where do your clothes come from?

Look at your body. Do you know where your shirt came from? Or who made it? The True Cost takes a deeper look into the mass production of cheap clothing and all of the unethical and environmentally toxic practices behind it. This documentary will show you how you are endorsing these companies by shopping in their stores and will then help you move in a direction where you do not have to. An incredible eye opener to say the least. Watch this trailer and then catch the film on Netflix!


  • Cowspiracy!

I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you haven't you should check out the trailer and then watch it on Netflix. This documentary takes a very honest look at the meat industry and how it effects our animals, health, environment, and finances. I can't stress enough how essential this film is, anyone who takes the time to watch it will gain perspective, regardless of their dietary preferences. It's known to change lives, as it has with mine. I really loved this film because it doesn't necessarily force or push veganism onto you, it lets you conclude and find resolution in the scientific fact that veganism is the most sustainable way to help reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

Click this to see the facts and sources behind the film.

  • Debunking Cowspiracy!

This ever so lovely man, Mike, has done all of the hard work and research for us in trying to debunk Cowspiracy. I will let you find out what his conclusion is.

  • Dairy + Cows + Veganism

This page might just make you think twice about the mass production of milk. I never really took the time to reflect on the dairy industry until I watched Cowspiracy, but once I did, I found some really heart breaking information and realities. :(

  • Academic research + veganism

Don't ask me how I found this because I tried to retrace my steps and I'm entirely unsure but I'm VERY, VERY happy I did! It's incredible. This academic analysis published by the University of Oxford really solidifies in all of the glory of science that veganism is the planets most sustainable diet. Luckily, you don't have to dissect all of the science shit in this analysis (unless you like to do that shit, like me) because our lovely pals over at the Guardian have done it for us. Click here to get the synopsis of the study and read the numbers you actually want to read without all of the academic terminology around it. Although -- I think everyone should read academic writing, I understand why you might not want to.

Climate change

  • Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio

Say what you will about Leo's dating habits (which are questionable and make me sick to say the least), but the documentary he put into works here is STUNNING. Watch the trailer and then watch the film wherever you can find it on the web, I don't believe it's on Netflix. Just do it. It takes a broader perspective on climate change -- he doesn't focus too heavily on one particular aspect but instead takes a wider lens to the issue to help provide viewers with a sense of global urgency. He shows that climate change is happening now, in front of us, and humanity is simply not doing enough to help prevent what we all fear is to come.

Low Waste

  • Intro to the low-waste lifestyle with Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer discusses here in a Ted Talk her relationship with waste and plastic consumption. This is a good introductory video to low-waste living. Her tone is impeccably warming and will not make you feel pushed into a low waste life -- but instead make you question and reflect on your own habits. She is kind of incredible. I love her thought processes and resolutions -- they are simple and easy to understand. Although, I'm interested to dissect how practical her resolutions are for people who live in places with fewer resources. That will be a blog post in itself.

  • Integrating low-waste practices into your life the proper way with blogger/activist Immy Lucas!

Oh my God! I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found Immy's channel. She has a way of discussing sustainability that just feels natural. She makes it seem casual and it makes me feel less anxious about all of the questions I have through this transition. This video in particular discusses the mistakes she personally made when transitioning into a low-waste lifestyle. I'm entering this phase now and find her tips incredibly useful. Check out her channel, you won't regret it!


  • Farming solutions: Syntropic Agriculture with Ernst Götsch!

This short film explores syntropic agriculture through the farm of Ernst Götsch. In syntropic farming, different species of plants are planted together and then cared and pruned for so that they can produce their own fertilizer while also creating a stable soil in places previously thought unsuitable for farming. Not only is this film simply beautiful to watch but it will make you want to learn more about farming!

Click here if you want to read more about Ernst Götsch's practice from his perspective.

Click here if you want to read more about the his practice from someone else! (by Eurico Vianna).


  • Population talk with the Salk men!

I'm really struggling here on how to describe this book so here is a little synopsis I stole from the authors webpage:

"A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future provides a scientific basis for recognizing that the current confusion and cultural conflict humanity is experiencing is neither predetermined nor our destiny but is, instead, part of a natural evolutionary process. The book shows us that a fact-based understanding of present conditions can lead us to a new reality reflecting interdependency, collaboration, and concern for the well-being of the many."

I find this book extremely interesting because it taught me pretty complex ideas about population patterns in very simple ways. I appreciate simple talk. It is essentially written so that anyone (including dumbfarts like me) can understand it, so don't feel intimidated by the fact that it's scientifically based. I left it feeling hopeful but knowing there's more to be done. Absolutely recommend and am happy to sell you my used hardback copy for cheapz!

Upcoming reviews:

  • What We're Fighting For Now Is Each Other by Wendell Holmes Stephenson

  • Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change by George Marshall

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