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Welcome2 the Blog -- an Intro!

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

I have to say that writing a blog is foreign to me. It's not easy to write as though I have an audience because my audience consists mostly just of myself, but I mean,,, who REALLY gives a shit here? Onward.

Climate change has always been a subject of interest to me. As a child I found it fascinating. The idea of Earth evolving into another type of place seemed eerily magical and absolutely fake. It was similar to most science fiction films for me and there it kind of remained -- it was place full of loom and doom, full of change, fear and chaos, a place that felt non-existent to my planet and especially non existent to my then present life.

It's clear now that climate change was taught in a way that failed to connect individuals to their responsibility and involvement in the crisis. I don't necessarily blame society for becoming blind to their contributions -- we were bred to think this way, but I believe it's time to move forward and bring constant awareness to the issue.

So here I am in 2018, nearly 2019, and I'm beginning to finally really learn how my daily actions and purchases contribute to climate change. And the more I learn, the more I become completely enamored with lessening my carbon footprint. My reason here is pretty simple -- I don't want to contribute to climate change anymore than I already have in my past 24 years of existence. It seems to me that humanity is going to have to make some significant changes in the way we live, and although I don't necessarily have the power to take down the industries that are the primary contributors, I do have the power to consciously reflect on how my own decisions and purchases endorse these industries. Everything I consume as a human plays a role in this matter and it's my responsibility to make the conscious decisions necessary to help create a sustainable future for myself and everyone I love.

I have created this blog with the intention of documenting my journey through sustainable living. I want to document my ongoing relationship with trash, the environment and sustainability -- and I want to start it from the very beginning. I want a place that shows the ups and downs and the honest evolution of my lifestyle — from an unaware, careless, wasteful, (and often times excuse-filled) consumer to a conscious, ethical, low-impact, intentional human. I believe the transition I am making is incredibly powerful and enlightening — and I hope whoever reads this, might find inspiration in my journey like I have found in so many others. I also intend on using this blog as a reference guide — a place where I can discuss, review and question the books, blogs, videos, documentaries, and research studies I discover along the way. My journey will also be explored via my instagram page, although, I plan to use that more so as an interactive platform to ask questions and seek information, but feel free to follow - I'm sure it will be equally interesting/funny. These outlets will provide me a place where I can openly discuss my experience with sustainable living. **I also find it essential to note that this blog will not only stand from a place of documentation, but also from a place of criticism -- I intend on questioning everything I learn along the way. I hope this gives you an idea of what’s to come. I'm very excited to share!

And now that you have an idea of what this section of my blog will focus on, I feel like I should properly introduce myself. Which is messy but there's no way around it. My name is Caroline, I'm 24 years old and I'm SPICY. I am fascinated by colors, auras and emotions. I love food and I love animals and I love children and I love our mother earth! I love people. Deeply. I love honesty. I LOVE TO LOVE and I never know what to do with all of my feelings. I crave excitement and chase it constantly. I guess that's what we call an adventurous person. I also love challenges — I want to learn everything always, even when I'm bad at it (outside of pool- I really cannot be bothered to fuck with playing pool). I’m an energetic person at heart and it drives me mad, I wish my heart were a little more still most of the time. I’m deeply passionate about life and the arts but with each passing day, I find myself even more deeply passionate about conscious, sustainable living! Which is entirely unexpected but very needed.

Essentially I’m just a 24 year old American artist/photographer/lover/carer/nomad/queer honey/big ass baby and I'm trying to make a healthier, more conscious life for myself. I'm slowly but surely learning how to integrate everything I value into my lifestyle and it's proving to be an incredibly liberating experience. I've been on the road towards a more conscious lifestyle considering the changes that I've made just within the past 6 months -- I’m vegan, I no longer fuck with fast fashion, and I now compost my veggies -- but I obviously feel that there is more I can and want to do to improve my relationship with climate change and sustainability. Hopefully this gives you a feel for who I am and what I support.

This experience is one that will change my life forever. I'm very excited and can't wait to share. I hope you find it useful or insightful in the least!! Feel free to follow the Instagram page I created in partnership with this blog.


Love u,


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